Quilt Basting Needles / Longs

Tulip's superior quality quilt basting needles, sometimes called "longs" are the result of over 30 processes. These needles are nearly twice as long as quilting needles allowing quick, multiple large basting stitches. Quilt basting needles are sharpened to the perfect point for ease in piercing the layers of a quilt sandwich. The needles are tempered by closely monitored heating & quenching to produce strong needles with just the right amount of flexibility. The eye of the needle is designed for easy threading and is polished thoroughly to prevent snagging. The needles are finished with a superior polish, lengthwise, making them glide effortlessly through the fabric. These needles are nickel-free for sewists concerned with allergies. Tulip needles embody the marriage of precision technology with 65 years of traditional needle production.

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Quilt Basting Needles long & regular

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