Sashiko Needles

Tulip's superior quality sashiko needles are the result of over 30 processes. These needles are uniform throughout their length, ending in a sharp point to easily pierce fabric. They are long to collect several stitches before pulling the thread through. This facilitates strighter stitching. The needles are tempered by closely monitored heating & quenching to produce strong needles with just the right amount of flexibility. The elongated eye of the needle is designed to accommodate thick sashiko thread (similar to embroidery floss but plied). The gold-plated eye is easy threading and polished thoroughly to prevent snagging. The needles are nickel-plated making them glide effortlessly through the fabric. Sashiko needles come in 2 assortment packs: long assortment and short assortment. Tulip needles embody the marriage of precision technology with 65 years of traditional needle production. 

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Sashiko Needles, Assorted long

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