Easy - Threading Needles

Tulip's superior quality easy-threading needles are the result of over 30 processes. The needles are tapered and sharpened to easily pierce fabric. The needles are tempered by closely monitored heating & quenching to produce strong needles with just the right amount of flexibility. The needle is designed to be threaded easily by simply stretching thread across the top of the eye, through a slit allowing passage of the thread through 2 eyes. The purpose of the second eye is to eliminate a weak spot created when the thread passes through. Without the second eye, the "ears" (sides of the eye) could be stressed and break. The gold-plated double eye is polished thoroughly to prevent snagging. The needles are nickel-plated making them glide effortlessly through the fabric. Easy-threading needles come in 3 sizes in an assortment packs. Tulip needles embody the marriage of precision technology with 65 years of traditional needle production. 

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Tulip Sewing Kit (sky-blue or tan)

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Easy-Threading Needles, Assortment

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