Carol Cypher - Tulip Needle Distributor

Tulip Beading Needles, Fine Beading Awls, Bead Crochet Hooks, Hand Stitching Needles (Quilting, Appliqué, Embroidery, Tapestry / Cross Stitch, Sashiko) and Needle Felting Supplies

Contact: 845-384-6417

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Tulip beading needles are springy so they can bend into tight spaces and bounce back to straight rather than curve or curl. Their tips are rounded to avoid splitting the thread and ease their sliding between beads. Their eyes are designed for easy threading. Click on needle photo for details.

Cushion Grip Fine Beading Awl  is great for precision knotting between beads, repositioning a difficult seed bead for easy access, teasing open snarled thread and, gently removing an unwanted seed bead without damaging the thread, undoing stitches. A fine metal awl seated into a silky comfort grip handle. Also available in thicker size "craft awl". Suggested retail $10.40

Tulip beading crochet hooks, Sucre cushion grip hooks in sizes 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 or full set. $9.99 each or $49.99 set

Tulip Artistic Needles include quilting, appliqué, embroidery, tapestry, cross stitch, sewing, sashiko.

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