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Superior quality needles for beading and hand-sewing, plus fine beading awls, bead crochet hooks and specialty pins

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Stores: Call Carol Cypher: 845-384-6417 or click here 

Beaders: ask your local bead store or click here

Quilters, Hand-Sewists, Needle Artists: ask your store or click here


Tulip Beading Needles are springy and strong to resist warping and breaking. Tulip beading needles' points are specially designed to ease between beads and avoid splitting the thread. Tulip beading needes' eyes are smooth and easy to thread. For details click here.

New addition to Tulip Beading Needles is the assortment pack: one of each sizes 10 sharp (designed especially for bead embroidery), 10 long, 11 and 12. Suggested retail $8.50

Cushion Grip Fine Beading Awl  is great for precision knotting between beads, repositioning a difficult seed bead for easy access, teasing open knots and, gently removing an unwanted seed bead without damaging the thread, and for picking or undoing stitches. A fine metal awl seated into a silky comfort grip handle. Also available in thicker size is the "craft awl". Suggested retail $10.40 For details click here.

Tulip beading crochet hooks, "Sucre" hooks designed for bead crochet with cushion grip to reduce or eliminate hand fatigue, shortened shaft for retreiving beads and specialty point for slipping easily under a bead and into the stitch; in sizes 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 Suggested retail $9.99 each or $49.99 for complete set in a zippered case. For details click here.

Tulip Artistic Needles: quilting, appliqué, embroidery, tapestry/cross stitch, sewing, sashiko, chenille, milliners/straw, and easy threading. Each pack retails for $8.50  For details click here.

Newest additions to this line-up: quilting needle assortment pack and sewing needle assortment pack.  Now available, these sweet cherry wood pincushions. Retail $20. What a lovely gift. 

Also Pins: Glass-head patchwork pins and Tulip Cellulose-head pins (send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Carol Cypher PO Box 916 Port Ewen NY 12466 to receive a free cellulose-head pin)

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